Naruto Chapter 403-SPOILER

So just read Chapter 403…and of course there isn’t a damn thing going on…just more filler before the real action starts. Although it does seem like Itachi gave Naruto some of his power? WTF? Why would he do that and what did he give Naruto exactly? It’s hard to tell what Itachi was thinking since it’s only come to light what he had intended all along for Sasuke. Dammit, now I’m confused and cant’ wait! So Sasuke is still going to attack Konoha but sounds like he’s got something up his sleeve for reinstating the Uchiha clan…if that is his intention. I think he needs to get rid of Madara though…I don’t trust that guy even though I love his silly mannerisms.

Naruto and Sasuke will fight again…only I think Sasuke has a huge leg up on Naruto…we don’t even know how far Naruto has progressed since the last time he released the chakra from Kyuubi and probably was close to dying. AND Madara and the probably Sasuke I bet can control Kyuubi…

…and what about Akatsuki??? Where are those clowns? Do they still want the nine tails? Isn’t that the last demon they need? And Madara is in control of Akatsuki…so would Sasuke let him have Naruto? Or would he want to fight Naruto himself? ACK! Masashi is definately going to be bringing it all to a head here shortly I’m sure…but still… It’s too much to bear! I can’t freakin’ wait!!!


Naruto Chapter 402-SPOILER
May 30, 2008, 9:44 pm
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I just read chapter 402 of Naruto. This is probably the only series I’ve the most obsessesed about besides Blade of the Immortal.

Anyway, chapter 402 concludes what’s been going on between Sasuke and his brother Itachi and all the mystery surrounding Itachi and his actions against the Uchiha clan and the Leaf village.

NOT expecting it at all…and really not expecting that Sasuke was now going to turn on the Leaf because of the history. I was very surprised to find out what the leaf had been up to and the history behind the village and the first hokage. WOW, Masashi Kishimoto never ceases to amaze me and has kept me reading and a very loyal fan for years. His story telling and just AMAZING artwork just keeps me drooling for more.

Well, anyway, I’m kind of sad now because I know Naruto and the rest of the good guys in the Leaf aren’t going to understand or even try to understand why Sasuke is now turning against the Leaf and all out hell is going to break out I’m sure. I can’t wait! But I’m also very sad at the same time for Sasuke. He’s been lead to believe one thing his entire life, and now, withing a few days it’s turned completely upside down…so can’t really blame him for the turn he’s making. I really still don’t trust Madara though…he’s a nutball it seems…especially when he’s fighting. I LOVE his character, but he definately can’t be trusted no matter what…Itachi didn’t trust him, and Sasuke shouldn’t either. I do tend to believe his story about Itachi and the Leaf’s history…but still, he’s a squirly one for sure.

So while Naruto will always be my favorite character in the manga, Sasuke is definately bringing up second in my favorite charas of the manga. I mean, can’t be helped when the last however many chapters have been dedicated to Sasuke and his need for vengeance against Itachi. Well, besides him just being him, Kishimoto has done a great job of complicating his character and situation.

Anyway, like always, I can barely wait for the next chapter to come out to sink my teeth into. I hope this story never ends…and looks like for now, it’s a far way off from ending. Which makes me giddy as a ninja school girl.