Monthly Artist Feature

I want to feature particular artists here once a month. These are artists I’ve been a fan of for years and have inspired me in my own endevours as an artist. Also, they are just kick ass at what they do.   There are so many that I admire that this will probably take years to complete.  ha.

For the month of August I picked Japanese artist Hiroshi Kaieda. This guy likes to draw some rather adult themes but maybe that makes me love him even more. Hope not to offend anyone though but he is definately someone I’ve monitored the website of for over 5 years. That sounds kind of creepy, but anyway! Below is some of his work, but please go to his website as well!

I tried to insert some images but for some reason the uploader isn’t working. Damn! Well you can see for yourself at the url below. Enjoy!

Hiroshi Kaieda’s website: SkullBites

Last Month:

For the month of June I picked Japanese artist Munku Mutsuki. I in fact have my lower right arm tattooed with the piece below…though I did change it slightly to suite me. 🙂

I’ll pretty much let his art speak for itself.

Munku Mutsuki’s website: M.Matter


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Good find…. we like your spotting skills.

Comment by greenidesign

Thanks, I appreciate the comment!

Comment by Jessica Chaddock

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