Guess who’s rewriting the rules of gaming?
May 28, 2008, 9:18 pm
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Really great story in Fortune Magazine about the ever changing world of online gaming. 

I certainly don’t consider myself a gaming expert, or even know 10th of the knowledge there is to know about gaming. But being thrust into the gaming world recently, albiet third party, I’ve become more interested in it. Too bad I don’t have all the free time teenages do to learn and participate more.

A friend sent this to me since she knows I like to do graphic designing and asked if I had ever considered designing for games. Hell yes would be the answer but I’m not tech saavy enough to. I’m all self taught when it comes to graphic designing and art. I took a few community college courses on drawing but hardly anything that gave me any real value as an artist.

Until I can go back to school and learn not only more graphic software but coding and the like. In today’s world, if you’re not raised on a computer, you’re pretty much still in the stoneage.

In a way that makes me fear for my 2 years old daughter, in a way it makes me hopefull. Not to switch the subject here, but I was watching the Alaska Experiment on Discovery and as two people were leaving Alaska to head back home, the most profound yet simple statement was said. I can’t quote it exactly but it was something like this: “Everything in today’s world was made to make our lives simpler, but doing things only for necessity, like hunting, looking for water, is the much more simple way to live. Having something only because of your hard work to get it is far more rewarding than having it handed to you.”

Simply put, life is given to us all, but being able to survive Alaska or any other place where you fend for your self, makes life more of an earned right, not a gift.

Sorry, changed subjects, but it ties into the online world in general, and how most people spend more time online in social networks or gaming, than actually getting out and chopping it up.